CCG’s Core Values | Part 3: Guts

As the final part of this blog series, we are going to talk about the core value of Guts, and how CCG is driving forward boldly in our Public Relations industry practices.

Whether you’re a seasoned PR veteran or just starting out, these tips are sure to help you use the power of Guts to achieve PR success.

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Guts in CCG and the PR industry 

As an industry that is dynamic and ever-changing, it takes courage and determination to succeed in the Public Relations industry. This is more than just the ability to take calculated risks when working with clients, but it also stands for how we show ourselves to the world and relate to one another in the workplace. 

PR professionals need to have the courage to take risks, speak up, and make bold decisions. Without guts, it’s easy to fall into a routine and become complacent, which can lead to missed opportunities and lackluster results. This is why Guts represents one of the three core pillars of CCG’s identity.

We’re not just interested in standing out from the competition, we want to embody the courage of taking new or different approaches that can lead to even stronger outcomes. Never shying away from approaching challenges from an original angle when the situation calls for innovation.


Overcoming Fear with the Determination to Succeed

Fear is a common emotion in the PR industry. Whether it’s fear of failure, fear of rejection, or fear of making a mistake, it can hold you back from taking risks and making bold decisions. However, by acknowledging and confronting fears, you can develop the courage to overcome them and succeed.

One way to overcome fear is to reframe it as a positive emotion. Instead of seeing fear as a weakness, view it as a sign that you’re pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone and taking on new challenges. You can also practice visualization techniques, such as imagining a successful outcome or envisioning yourself as a confident and fearless PR professional.

When Covid-19 hit Hong Kong hard, almost every industry had to change the way they worked to adapt to the environment. Remote working became a requirement for businesses to survive, and CCG was no exception. 

To solve this challenge, CCG opted towards a permanent hybrid working solution, where CCGers could work at home if they felt more comfortable doing so, or if they felt they could work more efficiently in their home environment. Of course, CCGers were welcome to work in the office once the situation allowed for it too, as well as attending mandatory in-person meetings with clients.

Initially, this solution was met with some fear and doubt: What if workers started slacking off outside the office? Would this solution really maintain CCG’s optimal productivity? 

The answers to these questions speak for themselves, as CCG managed to retain more clients than ever before during the pandemic. In addition, a new found appreciation for meeting in-person was built between CCGers, improving trust and proactivity. This is evidence that taking bold decisions with the right mindset, focus, and planning can lead to amazing results.


How to develop your own Guts in PR

Here are some tips to developing guts in the PR industry:

  1. Pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone by taking on new challenges and trying new things.
  2. Building a strong support system of colleagues, mentors, and friends who can offer encouragement and advice.
  3. Practicing mindfulness and self-reflection to better understand your strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Seeking out opportunities for personal and professional development, such as attending conferences or taking courses, especially if they talk about emerging trends and the shifting industry landscape.
  5. Not being afraid to tackle challenges or situations from a new approach or angle, even if it may contradict traditional wisdom.
  6. Understanding that everything changes, and that adapting to change is part of life.


Taking Calculated Risks

In addition to moving forward with Guts, here are some tips of how to take calculated risks to ensure your likelihood of PR success is the highest:

  1. Conducting thorough research and analysis before making a decision.
  2. Seeking input and feedback from colleagues, mentors, and other trusted advisors.
  3. Developing a contingency plan in case the risk doesn’t pay off.
  4. Learning from your mistakes and using them as opportunities for growth and improvement.



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