CCG’s Core Values | Part 2: Care

This is part 2 of our ongoing series, CCG’s Core Values, where we dive deep into our principle of ‘Care’ in the CCG workplace. For part 1 of the series where we talk about ‘Creativity’, click here.


What it means to ‘Care’ in CCG

The term ‘Care’ can be applied to many facets of life at CCG.

Health and Wellness of Employees

It represents how we promote the health and wellness of CCG’s employees, in and out of the workplace. This is true for both physical and mental aspects of working in the PR industry, and we don’t just want CCG workers to be working at the top of their game, we also want their health to be a top priority too.

Approaching Clients

‘Care’ also applies to how we approach clients, as well as our willingness to engage with certain types of clients, such as projects that involve NGOs and community welfare. We are committed to addressing clients’ needs and expectations with mindfulness and excellence.

Looking Out for One Another in the Workplace

‘Care’ also refers to how we treat one another in the workplace, including the ways CCG workers look out for one another, collaborate, and grow together.


Examples of ‘Care’ in the Workplace

Promoting Open Communication and an “Unlimited Annual Leave” System of Working

With ‘Care’ being a fundamental core value at CCG, we promote open communications between staff of all management levels, and ensure that any issues related to physical or mental health are addressed to the best of our abilities. We operate under an “unlimited annual leave” system, where our staff can submit a proposal to senior management stating their reasons for annual leave, of which approval will be given as long as the reasons are justified and reasonable.

Being Open to New Changes for the Benefit of Everyone

To ‘Care’ also means being open to new changes and adaptations in the workplace to enhance the working conditions of CCG staff. An example of this is how CCG permanently shifted to a hybrid working mode since the beginning of 2022 and has retained this mode of working ever since. This shift not only allowed our staff to continue working safely during the turbulence of the pandemic, but it also allowed our staff to adjust their work-life balance with far more flexibility, increasing the trust and proactivity between colleagues to communicate with one another.

Team Building and Wellness Activities

CCG has committed itself to regularly providing opportunities for all CCG staff to participate in team building and wellness activities no matter if they are working full-time and part-time. Examples of this include having an outdoor BBQ in nature, working out together in fitness events, and enjoying tasty eats together at festive food gatherings. Earlier this year, CCG hosted its Discovery Bay Retreat, where more than 15 staff members got together to enjoy the tranquility of Discovery Bay’s ocean atmosphere alongside other team building activities.


Tips for how you can Promote ‘Care’ in the Workplace

To help you achieve an environment of respect and trust in the workplace, here are some tips that CCG follows of how you can apply ‘Care’ in the workplace:

  • Create a safe space: Ensure that everyone in the workplace feels comfortable and safe to express their ideas and opinions.
  • Foster a culture of appreciation: Every day, take time to show your appreciation for your colleagues’ hard work and dedication.
  • Encourage feedback: Set up an anonymous feedback system to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard.
  • Support a work-life balance: Encourage your employees to disconnect from work from time to time and give them the freedom to find the work-life balance that works best for them.
  • Promote wellness: Invest in the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of your employees by providing access to health care resources and organizing fun activities.

We hope these tips helped you develop a deeper understanding of what it truly means to ‘Care’! Let us all enjoy a harmonious working environment!


For more PR Insights and happenings, follow CGG’s LinkedIn. You can check out part 1 of this blog series here, where we talk about our core value of Creativity. Stay tuned for part 3 of this blog series, where we will be covering CCG’s core values of Guts!

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