CCG’s Core Values | Part 1: Creativity

CCG stands for more than just our company name (Creative Consulting Group). It also stands for the core values that we stand by, whether it be when we are working with clients, colleagues, or partners: Creativity, Care, and Guts

For part 1 of this blog series, we’ll be going over what Creativity really means to CCG, and why it will always be a crucial part of CCG’s anatomy. 

What ‘Creativity’ means to CCG

An Essential Element for PR Success

Creativity is the ability to generate new ideas, solutions, or perspectives on any given topic. It can involve combining existing ideas or elements in new and innovative ways, or developing entirely new concepts. Creative thinking requires problem-solving skills, imagination, and an understanding of current trends and technologies, all of which are essential elements for any successful PR company.

Being Open to Originality and Innovative Solutions

At CCG, creativity is part of our identity, and while different clients will lead to varying degrees of flexibility in terms of how we deliver PR services, we never hesitate to consider original and effective solutions to tackle new challenges, reach our target audiences, or ensure maximum brand exposure.

Applicable to Multiple Facets of the Workplace

Creativity in the CCG workplace also goes beyond how we approach clients; it also represents how we approach collaborating with colleagues, streamlining our workflow, and creating the optimal work environment for employees.

How ‘Creativity’ comes into Play in CCG’s Work

Developing unique strategies and tactics to engage with target audiences is how PR companies can build highly successful campaigns to generate positive media coverage and brand exposure. This is where the significance of creativity comes into play.

Whether it be a live promotional event for an NGO, hosting a hybrid press launch for an economic think tank, or increasing brand recognition for a high-end consumer electronics company, CCG always aims to craft unique and memorable messages, leveraging the latest trends and technologies, and finding innovative ways to engage with customers and prospects.

Beyond dealing with clients, we strive to find creative solutions to bring CCG colleagues together and have them working at their best. This can include exploring new collaborative tools or software, being open to flexible approaches to working outside the 9-5 workflow, and thinking of innovative ways to increase productivity in the work environment (during our last team building retreat, someone even suggested a manifestation shrine!). To CCG, creativity is all about being open-minded to every aspect of the work space, from the employee to the client.

An Ever-Evolving Process

With the constant changes in both technology and social culture, creativity is an ever-evolving process. New digital tools open new doors to approaching collaboration and communicating with clients. Similarly, culture is always shifting, bringing along new trends, ideas, and values, which can be used as ingredients to alchemize new creative solutions.

The dynamic nature of creativity is part of its beauty, and it’s also why it is such an important part of CCG’s identity; it allows us to be in constant flow with the changes of the industry, and like water, we can mold our approaches to fit any and all scenarios.

Better yet, it keeps employees engaged and minimizes the mundanity of everyday work. Just like how creativity is an ever-evolving process, CCG is always constantly evolving and transforming for the better, and we aim to always leverage our creative identity for the benefit of all our stakeholders.


For more PR Insights and happenings, follow CGG’s LinkedIn. You can check out part 1 of this blog series here, where we talk about our core value of Creativity. Stay tuned for part 3 of this blog series, where we will be covering CCG’s core values of Guts!

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