Vivian Lam
Project Coordinator

Talented problem solver with a sharp attention to detail and keen sense of organization.

Vivian works as a Project Coordinator at Creative Consulting Group. Her tasks mainly consist of assisting clients in planning and organizing events, monitoring project progress, and ensuring the quality of work produced is top notch.

Vivian’s strengths shine when it comes to problem solving, organization, and paying attention to the finer details; colleagues and clients alike can always rely on her for smooth communication and planning, as Vivian is always determined to ensure pre-event preparations are as best as they can be. In addition, she is able to remain calm and efficient, even when the pressure is high.

With a love for traveling and socializing, Vivian can easily get along with people from different backgrounds and cultures. She loves exploring new things, always willing to learn new methods and technologies to improve her work efficiency and project quality.