Anja Chen
Senior Account Executive

With her extensive knowledge, experience, and passion for effective communication and marketing strategies, Anja is a valuable asset to any organization seeking to establish a strong presence in the Chinese market and beyond.

Anja Chen is a highly qualified professional with a diverse background in corporate communication and marketing. She holds a master’s degree in Corporate Communication from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and a bachelor’s degree in Advertising from Communication University of China in Beijing.

Anja’s experience extends to both in-house and agency roles in marketing and advertising, providing her with valuable insights into the industry. She has a deep understanding of the Greater China market, having lived in various locations including Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Her expertise lies in breaking information barriers and helping overseas companies enter the Chinese market. She also assists Chinese companies in expanding into overseas markets by establishing actionable marketing and communication strategies. Anja excels in integrating online and offline PR strategies, planning creative online activities, and organizing highly acclaimed offline events. With a multicultural background, Anja actively seeks to understand the markets and social conditions in different regions of Greater China. She is a skilled storyteller and possesses proactive traits, making her an excellent communicator.

Outside of work, Anja enjoys engaging in outdoor activities such as hiking and swimming. She believes in the importance of absorbing sunlight and happiness. Since childhood, Anja has been learning to draw and naturally enjoys watching artistic performances, including exhibitions, concerts, plays, and musicals. She also takes a keen interest in social phenomena and personal stories, often participating in interviews or watching interview programs and documentaries.