May Yu
Media Strategy Executive

Innovative media strategist with extensive experience working in the mass media industry.

May graduated from Hong Kong Shue Yan University with a degree in Journalism and Communication, boasting a strong personal network and reinforcing her extensive expertise in the mass media industry.

Not only is May familiar with video editing, a wide range of social media platforms, and forums, but she also possesses an excellent ability in writing corporate write-ups and advertorials in a variety of sectors, including banking, insurance, property, NGO, logistics, ICT and more. Before joining CCG, May worked as a marketing officer, a senior editor, and a reporter in various other media companies.

Always eager to excel to go above and beyond in all her tasks, May is deeply passionate about internet technology, online marketing, and web development. She is able to thrive under pressure, whilst retaining her qualities of being detail-minded with a high sense of responsibility. Her experience, positive “can do” attitude, and her innovative creative ability has been an amazing asset to countless projects thus far.