Khyentse Lee
Marketing Strategist

It is Khyentse’s passion to connect with others, mastering all the different tools to learn from, influence, and inspire people.

With a background primarily focused on Public Relations, Media, and Communications, and a collection of work experiences from around the globe, including in USA, Southeast Asia, and Hong Kong, Khyentse has developed a skillset dedicated to discovering the different avenues and trends in which humans connect with one another, both online and offline.

Through adopting an attitude that is persistent, dedicated, and broad-minded, Khyentse has made it his mission to optimize how individuals and organizations reach their target audiences, utilizing his expertise in skills such as SEO optimization, digital marketing strategy development, and data-driven market research to help clients reach their milestones.

Khyentse is currently completing a Master’s Degree in Filmmaking at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, where he is the scriptwriter for his cohort’s final thesis project. Khyentse aims to use his learning experience to hone his ability to tell meaningful, powerful, and engaging stories. These skills can be integrated into content creation, assisting clients in telling the stories of their brands/products, and spread awareness on the importance of health, wellness, and creativity, topics that Khyentse is deeply passionate about.