Christy Leung
Account Executive

Christy has full digital experience in working on different local and international client accounts. She has planned and executed serval multi-faceted campaigns with significant results.

Graduating with a Master’s Degree in Marketing from the University of Bath, Christy is well versed in the art of formulating and delivering corporate branding and marketing strategies.

Prior to joining CCG, Christy worked as a marketing executive where she oversaw marketing campaigns to deliver high-quality project deliverables to meet KPIs. She also has experience as a social media editor, where she implemented content optimization and advertisement for integrated marketing communications. She also has experience working with different KOLs on influencer marketing which made her a seasoned marketing communicator and digital content expert.

With an active role in digital marketing strategy, Christy excels when it comes to creatively structuring campaign ideas and executing content marketing and ad boosting to build brand awareness and strengthen brand presence for clients.