Xinjiang Cotton Boycott 2021​ – Setting the Record Straight

client: Xinjiang Cotton
Expertise: Content and Design, Crisis Management, Event Management

The Brief

One of the world’s largest textile and apparel manufacturer was included in a number of reports that accused, without any substantiating evidence, that the company use forced labor in Xinjiang, China, and was therefore subject to US sanctions.

The CCG Way

A word-of-mouth reputation campaign was initiated to set the record straight to highlight the positive impact the group has with stakeholders.The US Commerce Secretary was also contacted to overturn US sanctions on the Xinjiang plant.


What was achieved was fair and balanced reporting on the core values of the group and what it stands for backed by historical data and facts.Credibility was gained through word-of-mouth marketing from trusted experts (key opinion leaders who have a targeted audience specific to their niche).