Hong Kong Productivity Council – Distance Business Program (D-Biz)

client: Hong Kong Productivity Council
Expertise: Content and Design, Crisis Management, Event Management

The Brief

HKPC is the exclusive funding that handles the D-Biz program by the HKSAR Government and have received over tens of thousands of applications. Yet a certain % of applicants were convinced by vendors to apply, without providing the solid proof needed for the program’s requirements. By the end of 2021, HKPC received a massive number of complaints by applicants. To make matters worse, they needed to send ultimatums to applicants for the termination of funding if they could not provide proof within a certain period of time.

The CCG Way

CCG ran a series of workshops to prepare all stakeholders, from management, spokespersons and frontline operators on communications with applicants, crisis handling, PR message reinforcement, digital engagement and so on. We also provided all contents on conversations with applicants. Possible crisis scenarios were mapped out to minimise uncertainties. 


Because of the pandemic, the sending of ultimatums was delayed till June 2022. CCG helped revise letter contents and logistics. All crisis handling roadmap and mechanisms were put into place. All related persons were well-trained and drilled. CCG has stationed senior consultants at HKPC in preparation of worst-case scenarios.