Microsoft​ Team Coaching for IoT Asia Team

client: Microsoft
Expertise: Brand consulting, Content and Design, Digital Marketing, Event Management, PR and Media

The Brief

CCG served as a PR consultant to support the leadership team from the Microsoft IoT Asia Team to build a stronger, more presentable and professional digital presence to engage with their potential clients. We engaged the leadership team through various means to support the IoT Asia team with their needs through a private coaching session on LinkedIn, consultation sessions with the leadership team, bi-weekly newsletters, and a series of best practices.

The CCG Way

CCG was involved in the overall project management, content development, consultation sessions, coaching sessions with the leadership team, guideline development, engagement material (eDMs), and social media posts. 


CCG engaged almost 20 leadership team members to understand their pain points in reaching out to new customers in a digitalising world. 

Through a series of consulting sessions, CCG was able to work closely with the leadership team to equip them with the appropriate skills.

After the group exercises, the IoT leadership team is now able to influence their co-workers and practice their takeaways in their daily communication for their business success.