Harbourfront Commission​ Belcher Bay Promenade 1st Birthday Party​

client: Harbourfront Commission
Expertise: Content and Design, Digital Marketing, Event Management, PR and Media

The Brief

Having served the community for a year, the Harbourfront office wanted to celebrate Belcher Bay Promenade’s 1st birthday party in October 2021, with guests of honors and the general public with elements of food delivery and special installations.

The CCG Way

CCG had only 3 weeks to plan this project consisting of a hybrid birthday party.

We worked closely with the production team to make sure all the installations went smoothly along the timeline.

We also worked with KOLs and Celebrities to promote the event online, as well as engaging the public and guests offline with an attractive vibe including elements of a fun birthday party such as a giant cake and finger foods.

In addition, we successfully managed 100+ food deliveries to online participants and had them engage with us through the livestream.


CCG designed the legacy for this birthday party in Belcher Bay Promenade and engaged around 100 online participants with guests.

Workshops were well received by the community in 3 consecutive weekends.

The installations were also very popular among kids and parents.