iBEAM New Buildings 2.0 Launch Ceremony

client: BEAM Society
Expertise: Content and Design, Event Management, PR and Media

The Brief

To raise local media interest and manage the iBEAM New Buildings 2.0 tool launch ceremony, an event for the release of a new tool to assess building sustainability performance.

The CCG Way

For the optimal strategy to engage media on a topic that is difficult to raise media interest, CCG first identified significant industry pain points and local issues.

Beyond content development backed by industry research, CCG found it effective to employ the use of an exclusive small group interview right before launch, which was also published as coverage on the same day. This led to exclusive media interest for the client right before the release of the New Buildings 2.0 tool launch.

In terms of live media attendance for the launch ceremony, CCG managed to engage with top Hong Kong media such as Sing Tao and Hong Kong Economic Times. 


  • 12 Coverages from Tier-1 Media in Hong Kong
  • Over 80 Live attendees