Crossing Boundaries for Greater Success: CCG’s Overseas Exchange Programs with Redhill and Public Relations Network

Over the past two decades, Creative Consulting Group (CCG) has evolved from serving a limited client base in Hong Kong to establishing a global PR network, which includes joining to be part of the renowned Global Communications Agency, Redhill. Recognizing the value of cross-boundary learning, we have embraced the insights and experience gained from our journey. We are committed to providing our team with opportunities to broaden their horizons and enhance their skill sets, fostering a culture of continuous growth and development.


Crossing Boundaries for Greater Success: CCG’s Overseas Exchange Programs with Redhill and Public Relations Network, Creative Consulting Group (CCG)

“Every company has their own unique work culture, and our job as PR professionals involves leveraging on their strengths. Being able to immerse myself in another working environment allowed me to combine the best elements of each company, enhancing my PR toolkit for my professional endeavors.” Said Jesa Amparo, CCG’s Account Manager, speaking about her experience working for a month in Redhill’s office in Singapore. 

For Jesa, it was also about connecting with the people she communicated with regularly, but never had the chance to see face to face. “It eased a lot of my worries and completely changed my perception when I got to see my Singapore colleagues face-to-face for the first time,” mentioned Jesa. “You find that there are so many things that you can relate to them, including the struggles they experience during work, and how they enjoy themselves off-work.”

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This attitude towards career growth and learning is something we highly value within the CCG family. We understand that there is so much to learn from other top performing PR professionals, providing immense value by fostering global perspective, driving innovation, and nurturing talent. It’s an opportunity for an employee to gain international exposure and firsthand experience in different cultural contexts. This exposure broadens their understanding of diverse markets, enabling them to better tailor their communication strategies and campaigns to specific regions.


Crossing Boundaries for Greater Success: CCG’s Overseas Exchange Programs with Redhill and Public Relations Network, Creative Consulting Group (CCG)Penn Leung, CCG’s very own Account Director, also had a chance to spend two weeks working with the Prova PR team in the UK through the PRNetwork exchange programme. “One of the most rewarding parts of my job is having the opportunity to participate in the many development activities on offer within our affiliate agencies body, The PRNetwork. I couldn’t be more inspired by the bright, talented and creative talents coming into the communications field.” Said Penn.

“When I arrived at Prova for my first day, it was like I was a celebrity. Everyone at Prova wanted to get to know me and help me get the most out of this incredible experience. I had meetings with different project teams, learned their creative process, and I was honored to share my insights on strategic communications in Asia.”

Penn’s time at Prova is also what inspired CCG’s eventual transition to hybrid work mode. She learnt that at Prova, many employees work and play smart, finding balancing work and family to be more important than just salary. She was impressed that Prova’s managers truly value their people by acknowledging that their employees have priorities outside the workplace, and workplace flexibility is one of the many ways that Prova respects their employees’ time and commitment.


Overall, exchange programs foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing between different PR teams, allowing for the exchange of best practices and innovative ideas. This cross-pollination of ideas can lead to fresh perspectives, creative solutions that can elevate the company’s overall performance, and enhance employee satisfaction and retention, as they offer unique personal and professional growth opportunities. CCG is dedicated to continuing its culture of knowledge sharing and cross-boundary learning, and we are excited for all the emerging opportunities of collaboration with other PR professionals. Together, we can learn from each other’s best qualities and create a truly symbiotic relationship in this industry.


At CCG, we welcome highly motivated PR professionals who are keen on continuous learning and growth at the CCG family. We are dedicated to investing in our employees, encouraging their interests, and supporting their development into stronger and well-rounded counselors for clients. Reach out to us on LinkedIn or shoot us an email at if you’re interested in joining us!

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