Best Performing Cities in China Index Press Launch

client: Milken Institute
Expertise: Content and Design, Digital Marketing, Event Management

The Brief

To draw media attention in China and Hong Kong towards a report launched by Milken Institute about the Best Performing Cities in China Index

The CCG Way

As Haikou was ranked as the best performing city, the client preferred to have local media of different cities in China to join the press launch. 

One of the key challenges from the get-go was that the client is based in the US, while the spokesperson was based in Hong Kong. This was amidst travel restrictions in China and Hong Kong, which presented more challenges for hosting the press launch across regions. To address these challenges, a hybrid press launch was hosted across the regions of Hong Kong and China.

To serve China local media needs, Mandarin was chosen to be the main language of the virtual press launch. In order to capture English media publication, CCG arranged another small group interview was scheduled to cater for English-speaking media needs. With limited preparation time, the final research report was finalised in one week before the virtual press launch, with less than a week to invite media from Hong Kong and China. CCG’s experienced content development team speedily completed key messages and press releases in high quality. 


  • 25 Medias attended the virtual press conference across HK and GBA
  • 54 Media Coverages since Report Launch
  • 1 Bloomberg Live Interview > Click here to watch