Discovery BayHong Kong PR

client: Discovery Bay
Expertise: Content and Design, Digital Marketing, Event Management, PR and Media

The Brief

Discovery Bay, a consists of mixed, residential, market, shopping mail, sport facilities, luxury hotel, required PR, KOL and Video support for event activation to raise awareness on its new mail launch in summer. 

The CCG Way

The project is beautifully delivered with engaging content, with CCG working on the strategic plan to launch Discovery Bay Summer campaign to celebrate the launch of brand new shopping mail with new tenants. While Discovery Bay has been considered as remote side of HK,  CCG has critically found the sweet spot to connect all the dots of unique selling points of Discovery Bay and contain all the dots with one engaging video, collaborating with leading online magazine to create noise.


This was a one-off event for summer launch. CCG has developed a KOL Video Campaign with leading online travel magazine to reach 178k views on FB + IG and earn coverage value currently stands at 207,940 USD.