CitibankMedia Relations

client: Citibank
Expertise: Content and Design, Event Management, PR and Media

The Brief

Citibank has been a retainer client of the CCG media team since 2010. The team has helped Citibank craft media announcements, dispatch press releases, and arrange media events and interviews throughout the years. 

The CCG Way

CCG used its extensive event management experience to employ a number of skilled staff for the handling of the event’s Guest of honor, the venue, and live attendees, ensuring the event that would be attended by high-profile government officials ran smoothly, This included setting up event registration and invitation, on-site catering, and the designing of on-site venue elements. CCG also organized the MC and event photography, as well as providing on-site services to assist any guest inquiries. Overall, the event went off without a hitch, with the smooth handling of VIPs.