Junie Ifrah
PR Consultant

Business savvy PR consultant with expertise in property management and business operations.

With over 4 years of property management experience, Junie is a PR consultant at CCG, who primarily focus on projects in the property management sector. Her expertise spans across devising marketing strategies, producing profit and loss reports, and managing operations in terms of sales performance, budget forecasts, and planning.

Prior to joining CCG, Junie worked as a manager at Jones Lang LaSalle. Her business savvy abilities have been an incredible asset to CCG, especially in communicating with clients, foreseeing and managing their expectations, and cultivating long-term trust with key stakeholders.

Outside of the workplace, Junie is a connoisseur of different cuisines, determined to discover the world through her inner palette. She spends most of her weekend trying out new recipes, cooking cozy, hearty meals, as well as baking sweet desserts.